Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 weeks at Abba's house

Loved getting into all of the cabinets!Helped Ed pick tomatoes.Played with one of my old toys.Wore their Hawaiian outfits to church.Sidewalk chalkHelped my mom clean.Made her own bracelet.Hannah and Noah spent 3 weeks at my mom's house. Two of those weeks, I wasn't with them. They had lots of fun with my family. Hannah went to her first movie in the theater, Toy Story 3, with my sister. My mom had to get used to Noah and how active he is.


Papi said...


I'm glad that you are home safely with the babies. It was great seeing you and the kids. Thanks for coming over to the house.

I'll give you a call soon.

Love and prayers,

JamieB said...

such great pictures! i was thinking i'm not sure if i could leave my kids for that long. then i thought, isn't it nice that you can leave your kids with someone for that long? and they still look happy?
Way to go Abba - what a gift you gave your daughter...

jo said...

looks like they had fun! Hannah has the sweetest smile. :)