Saturday, January 26, 2013

Angel park

Playing memory

Shoe shopping


New Year's Resolution

Trying ranch on a chicken nugget for the first time

New Year's Eve

Christmas Day

Mailing letters to Santa

Decorating Christmas tree cones

Chick-fil-A Christmas event

Christmas Tree

Neighborhood Winter Fest

Friday, December 07, 2012


Yesterday Hannah's school had Book Character Day, so she chose to dress up like Pinkalicious.  Hannah had a fever, so she couldn't go to school, but still wanted to dress up.  

Noah the snowman

Tooth #4

Hannah lost her 4th tooth on the little road trip we took as a family.  

Business meeting

We went to Ikea one day and the kids were sitting at this desk and it looked like they were having a business meeting.

Kemah with the cousins

Brian's sister Carrie and her family came to visit the week of Thanksgiving.  One of those days we went to Kemah and the kids had so much fun.