Thursday, January 21, 2010


At the mall play area with my dad and Linda.
What Brian did while we were gone. He cleaned out the garage, his office, and his old office closet which is in Noah's room.
I went out to dinner with some of my high school classmates. It was fun to catch up.
Matching sweaters :D My mom wanted this picture just to be funny.
Cooking dinner
Spending some quality time with Ed.
My worst fear! :D I hope he never brings a real one into the house!
Dancing in her ballerina pajamas.
I spent some time with my friend April who had her son Luke 2 months ago. He was sleeping, so he wasn't able to be in the picture with us. He made me miss all those baby sounds that newborns make.
Curlers in her hair for the first time
She loves to paint.
Hannah, Noah, and I just got back this past Tuesday night after spending a week in VA.


Papi said...

Thanks for sharing some pics of your trip. It was so great to see you all. Appreciate the phone call to say that you arrived home safe and sound. I send prayers and my love to all.

JamieB said...

so many great pictures! I love seeing how the kids are changing and growing!