Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who can I marry?

Recently Hannah and I were talking about marriage. I think it started back when she didn't understand why Grandpa slept in the same bed as Grandma.
Last night during dinner we had this conversation:
"Who can I marry?"
"A boy."
"I want to marry Noah."
"You can't marry Noah because he's your brother."
"Then I want to marry Daddy."
"You can't marry Daddy because I'm married to him."
"I'll marry Ed." (my mom's husband)
"You can't marry him either."
"Who can I marry then?"
"You have to marry someone that you love."


JamieB said...

so sweet -- good lesson! it's starts so early!
i think you confused her, cause all of the people she mentions are probably on her love list... :)

April said...

and the life lessons begin :)

JessL212 said...

that's so funny