Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Strong-Willed Child

Lately Brian and I have been having more difficulty with Hannah. I know I've been warned that 3 is worse than 2!?! It's been over a year now that Hannah has not wanted to eat her meals. Of course she'll eat "junk" (candy, cookies etc....) without a problem! So yesterday at dinner, it was another fight to get her to eat. She chose not to eat, so Brian took all of the toys out of her room for the second time in a week. Today we were at the store and she noticed a Dora step stool. She asked me to buy it for her and I said no because she didn't need anymore toys and the ones she had, she couldn't play with now anyway. Right before going to this store, I went to a bookstore to buy James Dobson's book 'The Strong-Willed Child'. On our way home, she wanted to "read" this book. She also told me that when Noah has his birthday, maybe we can give him the Dora stool. I asked her, "What if Noah doesn't like Dora?". She answered back, "He likes Dora."


aimee said...

when abigail or naomi refuse to eat food we hold it until the next meal, breakfast has made its way all the way to dinner before. but eventually they get hungry enough and eat it. we figured if you handed a starving child in africa any type of food they would eat it, so when our girls get hungry enough they will eat too...good luck. also i was just telling a friend today about how when abigail was young she fell asleep in her high chair i made her stay in there so long waiting for her to eat her food, but now she has the time frame it takes the rest of the family to eat and then the option is gone until the next meal time, and no drinks except water!

Chaeli said...

Oh wow, that is so funny what Hannah said about Noah and the stool!!

Papi said...

I agree with aimee's comment about establishing a set (and short) time frame for Hannah to eat and then removing any option to eat/drink (except water) until next meal time.

Please tell Hannah that Pa Graw is very sad that she will not eat her food. She needs to eat to grow to be a big girl and to stay healthy as Noah's big sister.

Love you guys.