Sunday, March 05, 2006

When we found out

Back in December Brian was out of town when I thought I would just try a pregnancy test. One of my friends said that they sold pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store. I bought one and took the test. It was positive, but a faint positive. I thought it's probably wrong because the test was only a dollar. I went to Walmart the next day and bought a more expensive test with two in the box. I took the test and it was also positive, but still a faint positive. I decided to wait to tell Brian until I picked him up at the airport. When we got home, I took another test and it was positive. Brian wanted me to buy a different kind of test, the one that says the words "pregnant" or "not pregnant". We did that test and yet again it was positive. We were both kind of in shock and didn't know what to say. We decided that I should have a blood test done just to confirm the four pregnancy tests I had already done. The blood test did confirm it, so I went ahead and scheduled my first appointment with the OB.

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