Sunday, March 05, 2006

How we told the family

Brian and I decided that we wanted to wait until Christmas to tell the family about the pregnancy. We decided since we would be spending Christmas with his parents we would tell them when we opened presents. We would tell my mom through a card that she would open as her last present.
We opened presents with Brian's parents, Carrie, and John on Christmas Eve. We put a present under the tree with a tag To: "Grandma and Grandpa" From: "Baby Victor". It was the last present opened. At first they didn't get it, but once they started opening the present they did. It had two bibs inside that said "I love grandma" and "I love grandpa". They were very surprised and excited for us.
I sent my mom a package with presents for Christmas. Along with the presents was a card to her saying what a wonderful mom she is and then at the end I wrote "Merry Christmas Grandma P.S Call me". I was anxious waiting for her call because I wanted to hear her reaction. She said that she was shaking because she was so excited.

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