Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eighteen months old

Noah lately:
-He wants to climb often. His new favorite place to climb is his changing table that I turned into a bookshelf.
-He's become more interested in playing with cars and he even makes car noises. He was never taught that, it must just be an instinct that boys have.
-He enjoys banging his cup or any object on the table at mealtime.
-He loves to splash during bath time and I end up soaked.
-He still only says 2 words-Mommy and Daddy. He communicates in other ways to let us know what he wants, like screaming or pointing.
-He will break out into dancing if he hears any kind of music.
-He loves to help me put things away. I'm going to teach him how to be a good husband to his future wife.
-The other day I got out the traveller, it's similar to a pack n play, to use for time out, since he's started having tantrums and his screaming gets to me at times. Instead of it being a punishment, he wanted to get in it. Hannah started giving him toys and he was laughing and really enjoying himself in there. So it completely backfired! Maybe it will work better when Hannah's not around to entertain him.
-He's about 25 lbs (40%) and 34" (90%).

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