Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bye, bye Slate and Taffy

Today we gave our cats up for adoption. I've been wanting them to live somewhere else for awhile. I posted ads on several websites. We almost gave them away a few weeks ago to a family in our neighborhood, but they changed their mind and decided that a kitten would be a better fit for them. Today one of the nurses that works with Hannah and Noah's pediatrician, came to pick them up. She was so excited because her daughter has been wanting a cat since their cat ran away or was taken, they're not sure. The reason we gave them away is because Brian has cat allergies and we think Noah may have them too. Brian was much more attached to them than I was. During the day when he was at work, I would hardly see them. When he got home, they would come out of hiding. We first got Slate back in 2004. She wandered into our yard and we took her in, while we looked for signs that someone might have lost her. We never saw any, so we adopted her. We decided to get Slate a friend once I found out I was pregnant with Hannah, so we adopted Taffy from Petco in 2006. It took about a week for them to get used to each other. I think Brian will miss them the most. Hannah may ask if they're coming back and Noah will miss pulling Slate's hair. I hope they're adjusting well to their new home. I still have to drive the cat condo to Leslie's house because it wouldn't fit in her car.

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