Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend getaway

This guy saw Brian taking pictures and wanted his picture taken with the big fish that he caught.
Anyone want to lease this property?
Brian made me stand by this shark. :D

We went to an old time ice cream parlor and candy shop. I had peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. It was so good! I think it's my new favorite flavor.
I really liked the light fixture in the hotel where we stayed.
Brian had this past week off and wanted to go away for a few days. On Thursday we went about an hour away and stayed in a brand new hotel for two nights. On Friday we went to Schlitterbahn. Afterwards we walked around some of Galveston. This morning we walked around Kemah. It was a fun little trip. Thank you to Grandpa Tom and Grandma Mercy for watching Hannah and Noah for us.


April said...

I think i went to Kemah with the family when i was in Houston...glad you guys were able to get away for a little couple time.

Anonymous said...

those pictures are great! i love the one of you walking on the beach.